Lions, Tigers, and Bears (And ZooTeens)!

The Green Team has been busy, busy, busy since we last caught up with them. One of their adventures consisted of a trip to the Franklin Park Zoo, where they spent the day learning from the ZooTeens. The ZooTeens help out the staff of Franklin Park Zoo in a similar way that the Green Team helps the Emerald Necklace Conservancy. They introduced us to some of their best scaly and furry friends! 😍


Clearly this ZooTeen is fearless, look at that snake! Some of our Green Team members were brave enough to get up close and personal too.

The Green Team had such a great time at the Franklin Park Zoo and made a lot of new friends, both human and animal! We’re glad they got to have this experience at the zoo and had the opportunity to learn from the ZooTeens.

The Green Team also showed the ZooTeens a little bit about what it’s like to maintain the parks, including the one where the zoo is located!

A huge thank you to the ZooTeens and Franklin Park Zoo for taking two days to hang out with us! We. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and hope they did too.

As the summer continues to progress, the Green Team has been making the most of every moment.

Stayed tuned for updates on more fun excursions in and out of the parks!

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