Highest Stoke Level… Ever

Rock climbing isn’t usually something you would associate with the middle of a big city, but the Green Team found a spot… specifically Rock Spot Climbing Gym in South Boston. With help from the YES (Youth Enrichment Services), the Green Team learned some new skills in climbing.

The team got to play exciting and challenging climbing games, which help familiarize them with the sport as well as providing a great workout.

Bouldering (pictured above) is one of the toughest ways to climb. The routes are short and technical, and it doesn’t require a tie-in on a harness. When they make it to the top, climbers can either climb down or (at this specific gym) climb over the top and ride a twisty slide back down to the mat! Talk about a fun reward for finishing a route.

Our team was tired and sore by the end of their climbing adventure, but had so much fun. It was a great experience and a huge thanks to Rock Spot and YES for their facilitation! The Green Team always appreciates help on an adventure!

The stoke level really was the highest ever.

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