Frederick Law Olmsted: Miracle Worker

If you lived in the Fenway neighborhood before 1879 you’d probably have a problem with the pungent raw sewage smell. Frederick Law Olmsted decided to fix it, and he did just that with his design of the Back Bay Fens, and later the entire Emerald Necklace.

The Green Team learned all about this miracle worker and his green infrastructure innovations at Fairsted.

The Green Team got a tour and presentation led by the folks with NPS (National Park Service), which was an excellent chance to absorb all the information about Fairsted that we could. We also participated in an activity that simulated park design. The team worked in groups to design a section of the park, which gave us a sense of what Olmsted did in his design process.

Here’s what some of the team members came up with!

Personally, we think it looks like the perfect park.

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